The Circle of Security Parent Education Program is not about perfect parenting. It is an inspirational and practical workshop for care-givers of children aged 0-5 and for professionals working with young children and families.


The Circle of Secuity teaches adults how to identify and respond to children's emotional needs and behaviours in ways which result in greater resilience, fewer behavioural challenges, more positive relationships with family and friends, increased self-esteem and enhanced readiness for school.


At V & E Psychology, the Circle of Security Parenting Education Program is generally run as a 10 week group therapy program.


Who will benefit from this workshop?

The Circle of Security Parenting Program was developed for parents of children aged 0-5 years. However, the concepts may be applied to parent-child relationships from infancy through to adulthood, and can be benefit the entire family.


Who should attend:


  • Expectant parents


  • Parents who are struggling to understand and respond to their child’s challenging behaviours


  • Parents who are inspired to be the best parents they can be


  • Professionals working with children and/or families


  • Early childhood educators



Key questions covered:

  • How do I recognise and understand children’s emotional needs?

  • How do I support a child’s independence?

  • How do I support a child’s need for closeness and intimacy?

  • How do I support and encourage the development of empathy in children?

  • Why can children’s behaviours cause a negative reaction in parents, care-givers, teachers and/health providers?

  • How should care-givers handle a child’s emotional ‘meltdowns’?

  • What approach should care-givers take when children ‘act out’?

  • How does the Circle of Security model provide effective discipline?




For an information about upcoming programs please email V & E Psychology: or phone: (03) 5995 4624.