V & E Psychology was established in 2010 by Mr Victor Iacobucci and Ms Emily Ghafari.
Victor and Emily are both practicing clinical psychologists who are committed to providing accessible, professional and effective mental health services to individuals and families. 

Victor and Emily are actively involved in delivering a variety of early intervention and prevention programs within the community.

Our team of experienced and friendly psychologists have completed six - ten years of full time university studies, along with advanced training in various therapy techniques. They engage in regular professional development programs, keep up to date with relevant research, and participate in ongoing supervision to reflect on and improve their therapeutic interventions.

Psychologists at V & E Psychology consult independently within the clinic and, their combined experiences, enable the clinic to provide treatment for a wide range of psychological problems. 

For feedback or further information about the services at V & E Psychology, please contact (03) 5995 4624.